Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Best Evening in the World

So, it's been a while, folks. I just haven't been in the mood. You know, headaches and the whatnot. But now I will recount to you an epic, glorious evening.

It started with Tai Chi. I was exhausted, but went to Friday practice anyway. It was excellent, but upon it's conclusion I returned home. I was prepared to subsist on my usual diet of soup, but I had something different in mind. I was going to branch out. I went upstairs to change...and passed out.

When I came to, it was 9:30. 3 hour nap on a Friday night. Glorious. And then I cooked.

What did I cook, do you ask? Allow me to show you.
First I cut my veggies and fungi.

Then I sauteed them.
Then I cooked me some bacon. Wait, did I mention it's Smart Bacon? That's right, it's smart. And vegetarian.

A meal. An honest to god meal. This was such a great day.

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