Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jae is being lame

I'm not technically in BHouse anymore, but I feel the need to comment on this recent increase in lameness (which I would like to point out directly correlates with my departure). If you haven't read Jae's post and the pacifist, alfalfa-munching cuddlefest Joe posted in his comments, go do that right now. I didn't know Care Bears were allowed to use Blogger.

"Health issues and gargantuan ethical problems"? What are you, gay? This is America, bitch. If your meal doesn't kill some corn-fed antiobiotic-sucking meatsack and doesn't cost enough ancillary resources to feed Ethiopia, you're fucking doing it wrong.

It's 2009, we live in the best country ever, we shoot shit, cut it up, and eat it, and then we go drink beer and watch pageants and vote and shoot Mexicans. Get with the program already.

Christ. Kids these days.

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