Thursday, July 23, 2009

Notes from the D.C. Underground

So, sometimes I have neither the desire nor the time to post to the blog. These past two weeks have been those times. But, now I'm ready to blog about what the BHouse and I have been up to.

For the Fourth of July, Marcus, Jae, David, Taylor, and I went to Marcus' place.

The boys strike a pose.

We walked around the same part of the Mall over and over again. I passed this statue multiple times. Jae was only on it once.
Jae wanted to get as close as possible to this hunk of a man.

Loving all things free that can be found in D.C., we descended upon the zoo, where we saw the cutest thing ever.

Jae continues to get it on.

Oops, wrong picture. Let's try this again.

Awwww.... soooooo cute!

This is a very rare picture, where the panda eats a ball of energy!!!

After the zoo, we moved on to the Georgetown part of town, after stopping to see a bad-ass pacifist.

These sandals are made for walking,
and of these days these sandals
are going to stand by side as you do
what ever it is you want.

And then we ran into something amazing! Some of the creatures from Jae's lab had escaped!

The next day, I went to the parade. It was the first time I had actually seen one of those huge floats you always see in the movies. And guess who it was.

No, not Jae again. It was Arthur!!!!

Unfortunately, this was no mere float. This fiendish creature was actually the cousin of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! We thought all was well, until the fireworks...

I need say no more. We fled the spectacle and broke through the crowds to the metro, where we sped through the underground of Washington to safety.

P.S. For all you How I Met Your Mother fans, I licked the Capitol. And it tasted like freedom. And gridlock. Nom nom nom.


  1. Arthur!!!

    And the panda caption was a wonderful laugh out loud moment. Thanks for that!

  2. Re: "the boys strike a pose" photo

    Yay, racial diversity!