Wednesday, July 29, 2009

monkey fight!

So, I woke up today with my throat burning and now I'm really really lethargic and sore everywhere...gah.

Anyway, there was a huge monkey fight at the lab today. Basically, all the monkeys ganged up on Auric (oldest monkey in the cage...also possibly the stupidest...) Anyway, his hand got cut by other monkeys scratching him, so he started dripping blood everywhere. btw, monkey blood looks like typical fake blood: really bright red and not all THAT viscous.

We had to get him into a squeeze cage so that the vets can knock him out (VALIUM!) and then stitch up his hand. It kept bleeding though, and all the monkeys in the cage recognize the vet, so the entire cage was going absolutely crazy. And that when he was waking up, he looked just like drunk. Kinda tragically funny. Anyway, during that time, it was like someone put multiple adrenaline shots in me because of all the monkeys screaming and blood, because I was hyperactive, and now I'm kinda feeling like Auric. I can't even sit up or sit without my head just swaying everywhere. Ugh.


  1. Oh no! Poor Auric! It's too bad he's so dopey.

    I watched a video of one of my PI's old monkeys doing a touchscreen task. She was awesomely doing monkey math and wiggling her head back and forth while sipping on juice. I can't wait until our monkeys come! And they'll be all girls, so no beating up on the submissive boys.

  2. don't have swine flu! feel better!