Monday, July 20, 2009

Six Flags

If you know me, then you know I love roller coasters. I. really. really. love. roller. coasters. And having lived in New Jersey for like four years, I love Six Flags Great Adventure. And I'm pretty good at convincing people that they should go with me. Just like last deadweek, I convinced Chris, Elliot, Julia, and Ally to go, and we had a blast. I was so bummed that I couldn't go during this deadweek.

But, as some of us are sitting Criterion, waiting to see HP6, in our massive fatigue, Joe, Alan, Gonzo, and I spontaneously decided to go to Six Flags that Sunday (yesterday).

If you don't know this already, you should know that I'm a hardcore amusement park person. I get to the park at least an hour early so that we can get tickets without having to stand in a line, be one of the firsts to get through the security, and get on one of the most popular rides without having to wait in stupid lines. That is what we did.

So, we'd agreed to leave at 6, which meant 5 a.m. morning call for some of us. Joe, our masterful driver, after waking up at like 5:15, powered through CT, NY and onto New Jersey. With empty coke cans in our hands ($15 off during weekends!), we got to Six Flags Great Adventure around 9.

It was a beautiful sight. Anyway, we managed to get on the third Nitro car in the first row, screaming "legen-wait-for-it-dary" 230 feet above the ground. It was legen-wait for it-DARY.

Though, I must say, the best was El Toro. It was my first time riding it, and oh man, it was soo freakin' awesome. The first drop looks pretty much like a 90-degree incline (decline?), and the negative G from that first drop is simply impossible to describe in words...You simply cannot capture such amazingness properly in words.

Our last ride of the day was Nitro, one of my now two favorite rides in Six Flags. We made YPMB in American sign language for our on-ride photo, but Joe was too enthusiastic like a little freshman that he is (well, he's not a freshman anymore, a little sophomore) and failed to align his hand with ours. it was like... ypmB!

Anyhoo, so we left the park around 7 (basically spent 10 hours there), exhausted of course, but decided to go to Princeton for dinner. We went to Tiger Noodles, the best Chinese restaurant I've come across in the Western Hemisphere. Hell, no one can make General Tso's sauce like they do. Srsly. Ask Alan, Joe, or Gonzo. Even Gonzo, who was not a fan of the Chinese dinner idea at first, loved it. After that, we went to Thomas' Sweet for ice cream.

I'm sorry, but Ashley's got nothing on Thomas'.

Now the fun part begins.

We drove up the Turnpike to get onto G. Washington Bridge. We had a minor freak out that woke up everybody in the car because we stayed in a wrong lane that was for Lincoln tunnel instead of G. Washington Bridge. Unlike Joe the Chill, I freaked out. I hate hate hate going to the city in a car. Driving there is a freaking nightmare. But, with Joe's GPS, we managed to turn around and get back on our way toward G. Wash Bridge.

Normally, I'd avoid this route, but it was Sunday around midnight. No need to be worried about traffic on the bridge, right?


There were hordes of trucks and cars, trying to cross the bridge...and it took forever. By the time, we got back, it was around 2:15. Joe and I were pretty much effectively up for more than 20 hours.

I was so lethargic at work today, that my project head just sent me home, saying I look like I'm about to collapse. Joe apparently had a productive day, though. It must be the age difference. Then again, he began to go mad as we neared New Haven, terrorizing everybody in the car, especially Gonzo.

What an epic weekend. Oh yeah, and we're thinking about doing a road-trip to Cedar Point at some point. I'm serious. Whether Joe, Alan, or Gonzo were serious, I have no clue. They'd better be though.

Still, I love Six Flags. AAAHHHH Alright bed time, because I'm still reeling from all the exorbitant amount of adrenaline pumped through my body yesterday.

Oh yea, and of course, an obligatory rides-in-the-background picture. I really like this picture.


  1. One does not joke around about SRS BZNZ like Cedar Point. LET'S DO IT.

  2. Oh do go to Cedar Point! I've always wanted to go, so if you do then I can live vicariously through you.

    Also, do you know where the name Six Flags comes from? TEXAS BABY. And the original park is awesome. Come visit me in da Souf and I'll take you.

  3. ZOMG six flags. Also, I think I went to that ice cream shop the one time I've ever been in Princeton, NJ! (It was full of bromance, because we roadtripped to the house of my favorite bro in Montgomery) It has all the cow pics, right? That one was delicious.

    Remember the carousel we played on? Becacuse that was way fun! And then we went on nitro like 3 times. OMG NJ win.

  5. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag

  6. Cedar Point was awesome when I went. A "real" amusement park, as I was told. Also, for shame, Jae. You know that you should always expect that toll before the GW to be anywhere from one to two hours of stuck-in-traffic waiting. I've been stuck in it for an hour at 3 in the morning before.

  7. Funhouse mirror in Thomas Sweet!! Awwww! It feels like ages since I've been there...well, because it has been ages.

    The one aspect of Pton that may be superior to any other place on Earth is its ice cream. I'm sure that's what U.S. News and World Report is really referring to when it ranks Princeton #1.

    Oh, and the pancakes at PJ's are pretty damn good too.

  8. Haha Coop, you know I schooled them on the history of Six Flags and how great the original park is.

  9. Yes, but it should be noted that the calls of approval for Cedar Point indicate the awesomeness of the midwest, not to start a turf war or anything...