Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Pantry

When people complain about Twitter, they often cite the fact that they don't really see the necessity of knowing what people are doing at all times. Those who really get the power of the medium, however, use Twitter not for posting "at the gym" and other schedule updates but instead for sharing funny and thoughtful insights that otherwise would pass and fade, never to be read or heard by anyone else. (I haven't gotten an account yet, but if I do, it will only be for the sort of witticisms that demand being spread to the masses.)

In some ways, I feel like the Twitter critics when it comes to this blog: who reads this, anyway? And why do they want to know what we're doing? For that reason, I never found the need to post about what we're up to, unless there were ever a really funny or amazing story to share. Even when those funny and amazing things have happened, two things have kept me from posting: others in the house have posted about them already, and in some situations, the stories are best kept private.

What's prompting me to post today is a curiosity about how much people care about our having fun. It's late afternoon, and it has already been a great day. On a day of firsts, I went to The Pantry for the first time. We all left stuffed, after each downing our own meals (I would highly recommend the salmon benedict) and splitting the pancake special of the day (cherry garcia). We came back to the house, where we realized that we all wanted to see Bruno. So off we went again, first stopping at Target to load up on movie candy.

The movie is as you would expect. There were times we were all laughing, times we were all shocked, and a few times when we were all mortified. Of course, they weren't mutually exclusive. It's not Borat, however: Bruno lacks the element of storytelling that made Borat what it was.

Brunch also provided a few interesting topics of conversation. Here are two good, but very different, conversation starters for your next brunch/dinner/date: 1) What probability would you assign to the likelihood that years from now, people will discover that atomic theory, as we understand it today, is wrong? 2) Under what circumstances is it acceptable or normal to use an aphrodisiac food?

We're planning a picnic for tonight, to be had as we watch the New Haven Symphony on The Green. What an ideal summer day!


  1. omg the pantry! i'm so jealous. the california benedict is essentially my life at yale.

  2. Oo! I had the california benedict! It was absurdly delicious.