Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Wenzel by any other name...

One time, Antonella was making chicken cutlets. That time was tonight. Coincidentally, today is "Try-to-make-a-Wenzel-Thursday", so I had to seize this opportunity. I purchased some bread and of course some

and then I was ready to go. They dain't got no lettuce or tomaters at G-Heav, so I decided I would go with what I could get. Once the chicken was prepared, I put it in a bowl, and emptied half of the bottle of hot sauce in, and stirred it around, just like they do at A-Delt:

I deftly threw some cheese on my baguette and slid it in the toaster oven. Having witnessed the naissance of The Wenzel hundreds -- if not thousands -- of times, the process was practically second nature:

Unfortunately, it was granulated parmesean cheese, so it didn't melt on in proper provel fashion. Oh well. I slapped the chicken on, and hoped for the best -- it was time to feast....

Oops I forgot Mayo:

That's more like it. And feast, I did. It looks pretty damn legit, right? Overall reaction.... *drumroll* ... It tastes like a wenzel! The hotsauce brand was a little off, and the parmesean definitely changed the taste... and lettuce and tomato would have probably made it more authentic as well. Oh well. It was frikin awesome. Half way through the meal, I looked under the table and thought my eyes decieved me --Beneath the table was a bag of Lay's Potato chips! This must have been a sign from the Wenzel Gods! Everyone knows that the Alpha Delta Wenzel comes with a bag of potato chips. My wenzel was real, and my night was a success. And the sea rolled on as it had five-thousand years ago.

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  1. Hi Paul. You don't actually know me. But I think this wenzel is proof that we would be friends.