Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aditya is a baller

Aditya, oh Aditya.

Aditya likes milk. We have already spoken of this. But Aditya also likes Oreos. A lot. This is one night's work for Aditya. Man's going to kill himself.

Also, Aditya has this fear of the BHouse. He doesn't think we should anger the spirits that live in it. Like the ones behind this previously unopened door.

Aditya begged us not to, citing the angry spirits that would murder us in our sleep. But Katie is an Egyptologist, and I a man of science. So we pried that door open. We found a rotary saw. And a vacuum. And some screwdrivers. If one of us is found dead with a screwdriver in our backs, we'll know we have angered the spirits. Until then, I'm going to keep exploring... there's a stash of crap under the stairs that is begging to be rummaged through.

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  1. Lies. Andy, if you're reading this, those aren't pictures of me.