Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York!

Forgive me if this entry is not actually directly about BHouse and all our zany goings-on. (Though, for the record, I will maintain that in this household, my dishwashing and baking skills are well above average; my cookery may still be sub-par). But this weekend, BHouse will be almost totally empty, as we all fly to the four separate corners of the world. (or of New England, or Yankee country, or whatever region this is, I don't really know my northeast geography very well). As for me, I'm going to New York City! I'll be chilling with a whole bunch of free culture and free software people (read: techno-hippies) at NYU all weekend, living it up in the nighttime and having sober discussions about video file formats in the daytime (sweeeeeet!).

Anyway, there is a point to this story. And that point is: Bobby Gibbs is a wonderful, wonderful man. I don't think anyone will dispute this. And for the next three days, I get to be him.



  1. Oh, I see the similarities now!

  2. I always knew you were secretly an alcoholic, Ben