Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enter Paul

So, Tuesday night was my first full night back from Florida. I got ready for bed early, which was a tad unusual, because I was really tired, and figured I would read the rest of "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" and go to sleep. But things got a little out of hand.

I would say it isn't what it looks like, but...

So then more of BHouse appeared, and things degenerated even further. Paul, Joe's suitemate who will take Aditya's room when he leaves but has made himself a nest in the upper "Den of Sin" common room in the meantime, arrived.

We were unsure about Paul. He was Joe's friend, so that was a good sign. But we were worried we would destroy him, break him, make him question everything he held dear. We weren't sure if he could handle the B in BHouse. So we baptized him by fire, with a simple test. We saw how he handled this:

One from each class. Porn Horse is in the foreground out of the picture.

He seemed unfazed. We told him to take a picture of us. He picked up the camera, aimed it, then paused... and bolted from the room. I thought he couldn't take it anymore, and had just fled. But then he came back:

He had a head lamp too! Yay Paul! He's one of us!


  1. Porn house! You saved him from spring salvo! What a good friend to me and all of nature.

  2. My god, Paul, I'm so sorry. May Mormon Jesus protect you.