Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bean me!

If you see a 10 for $10 sale on refried beans in Shaw's, what is the only logical thing to do? EXACTLY! After dinner tonight, I only have 9 cans left. Yum. Food in the bhouse is pretty epic, especially the overabundance of jalapenos (ok, and beans, don't sass).

This blog's ginormous fan base has probably been inundated with descriptions of what a hot, throbbing mess this apartment was when we arrived, but I think the shower curtain merits it's own description.

Essentially, something died in the bhouse bathroom (bbathroom?) and splattered its scarlet bodily fluids all over the curtain. Either the people living here executed someone with a rusty spoon, or a moose was drinking from the toilet and Sarah Palin shot it with a bazooka through the window from a helicopter. The other side of the curtain is conventional black mold. I can't wait to take a shower tomorrow morning.

Also, many Members Of... started volunteering at Summer Buds today. Yay reading! We get to impress little kids with our maturity and erudition. In the parlance of our generation, w00t.

Laundry! Lab! LIBERTY!

EDITS: Mormon Jesus does not look with favor upon my spelling abilities...

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  1. Your diet is that of an a woman 4 times your age. I bet that's how you will get your summer buds wisdom.