Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, that would explain it

Today I solved a great mystery. Our dish soap was disappearing very rapidly-- and we do a lot of dishes, but not THAT many!
I managed to solve this mildly perplexing question by watching Aditya do dishes. He was liberally pouring moure than enough soap into each plate/cup/etc to wash a sinkful of dishes. So I suggested to him that he might be able to conserve a little if he used a sponge. So he tried it, and said "Wow! The technology! This is amazing."

I'm considering holding formal lessons for the boys in things like ironing, washing things, cooking, and paying bills.


  1. Hey now, my dish washing skillz are unparalleled. I'm a level 20 sponge warrior.

  2. ok, i'm not all that domestic, but i was never THAT bad. sheesh.

  3. I might not be the most efficient guy on the planet, but I get those dishes clean, goddamn it.

    Also, seriously, the sponge idea blew my mind. Awesome.

  4. jesus fucking christ
    Clearly BroMom is not the best model for learning how to do dishes.