Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guests from Afar

This weekend, we received many many visitors from afar. Aditya's friend Lawson visited for the night, and so did the recently-dead Rachel Homer. But we didn't get pictures of either of them.

But we also received visitors from Cold Spring Harbor, Julia and her friend Natalie!

Julia proceeded to make a series of faces at me.

She told us a story about she met Jim Watson...

... and how he touched her on the waist, creepily.

Her friend Natalie is her roommate, and will be a senior at Carnegie Mellon...

...and has adequately learned how to continue the tradition of her roommates...
... and terrorize her silly.
We had Mexican night. And then watched South Park. The next day, before they left, they brought us 50CENT DONUTS!!!!1!!!!!!

(So, the stories don't really go along with the pictures, but we do what we can do).

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  1. Number 3 is a perfect specimen of what I call "the Julia face" -- vaguely traumatized, slightly confused.