Friday, June 26, 2009

New Haven, I'm Yours

So, New Haven gets a pretty bad rap. I mean, Chief Perrotti sends us emails on a regular basis about the dangers of the city. But, actually living here for the summer, I've tried to make an effort to get out, and actually see the city. So I started going on the Arts & Ideas bike tours, which is affiliated with Elm City Cycling. And it's been great. I have gotten to see parts of the city I would never see otherwise. This is a bridge with a Art Deco New Haven symbol!

Maybe if I were from New England I wouldn't
think twice about this picture, but I just really find this picturesque.

I'm going to go ahead and assume this is East Rock. Regardless, it's pretty.

New Haven has something no other city has: JJJ!!!

This is a pretty street, right off of Wooster Square. Yay New Haven.

It makes me think of the Decemberists song, "Los Angeles, I'm Yours." Only instead of Los Angeles, it's New Haven.

I am starting to really like this town.


  1. YES! Venture outside the bubbles, little one, and see the glory that is New Haven.

  2. Hell yeah, New Haven kicks ass.

    Yes, that is East Rock, as one can see the Soldiers and Sailors Monument perched on top.

  3. That was one of my favorite things about spending last summer there! And everyone in Elm City Cycling is super cool. Apparently even "real people" (ie not college students) are fun.