Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am living in the house now (as of yesterday). I arrived after most of the drama; it is telling that my first thought was "Wow, this place is a shithole," AFTER the cleaning service had come. But we discovered a mighty vacuum, and several hours later I believe the bag of popcorn kernels that were firmly embedded in the carpet of my room (last to arrive, woo!) is mostly gone. I think I will make it my project to vacuum one room per day (except for today, because I went to the store instead). That way, in approximately infinitely many days, the house will be clean. But the company is good, and the vacuum is good, and so it is bhouse! Today we made an expedition to Vanderbilt to retrieve my furniture from Jackie's room, so we are one futon and one coffee table richer. So now we have comfortable places to sit and a table to use. Success! Also, I'm the only one in the house who can use the internet at the moment; probably this is connected to the fact that nobody has paid for any internet access, and also that I have magic powers.

I don't actually have anything particularly interesting to say. Blog!

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